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Sunset House Essentails

Sunset House Essentails

Sunset House Essentails



Sunset House Essentials is our latest late night selection of feel-good hypnotic house. Let this library ready you up for the weekend and take you through to the early mornings with thumping swung beats, steppy percussion, dusky chord loops, nostalgic synth lines, infectious basslines, cosmic arpeggios and light & airy vocal adlibs. 

We've designed this library with ultimate accessibility in mind, providing you with both the full & top loops of each beat as well as one shots of every kick, clap, cymbal & bass shot used, meticulously crafted and processed with state of the art plugins and equipment. Dive into the deep selections of one-shot glistening hi-hats, punchy kicks, snapping claps & over 100 organic percussion shots perfect for accentuating your beats, not to mention the huge collection of womping bass & clean melodic one shots waiting to influence your next hit.


  • 24 Bit Quality 
  • 635MB
  • 41 Bass One shots 
  • 42 Percussion loops
  • 30 Melodic loops
  • 8 Vocal loops 
  • 35 Drum loops
  • 30 Bassline loops
  • 103 Foley percussion one shots
  • 21 Kicks 
  • 16 Clap and snare one shots
  • 18 Cymbal one shots
  • Instant Download
  • 100% Royalty Free