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Ultimate Dance Vocals 2

Ultimate Dance Vocals 2

Ultimate Dance Vocals 2


Welcome to Ultimate Dance Vocals Two - following on from the hugely successful Ultimate Dance Vocals 1.

This pack features stunning individual hook lines and soulful double tracked backing vocal harmony sections that can be used to accentuate the hook lines or can also be used as individual lines; effectively two separate vocal parts that work together or solo. The backing vocals are all double tracked.

The wavs are in three bpms and three keys, all clearly labeled recorded and performed by professional vocalists from London.

There are 3 singers on this pack; their voices and samples were all hand picked by vocalist, producer and Soul Rush Records label head Tigerlight (who has collabed with Far Too Loud, Dodge & Fuski, Document One, High Rankin and more).

The singers’ credits include Worldwide radio airplay, world tour as a featured Artist and backing vocalists for major artists.


  • A Total of 468 Wav Files
  • Featuring 3 Female Vocalists
  • 180 Vocal Phrases including Lead Vocals and Two part harmony double tracked backing Vocals
  • 12 Adlibs
  • 110BPM in Cmajor & Aminor
  • 140BPM in Fminor & Aminor
  • 174BPM in Fminor & Aminor