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Ultimate Bass House Midi Files

Ultimate Bass House Midi Files

Ultimate Bass House Midi Files



Soul Rush Records latest release is a rich creative pool for Bassline and Deep House lovers to delve in.

Full of melodic, warm and rolling basslines crying out for you to fire up a vst and marry the pair together. Rhythmic hooks, riffs and chord progressions just waiting to land in your DAW and bring the vibe to life.

Prepared for you in 8 keys you can drop these Midi parts straight in with your own sounds and mould the riffs to bring your vision to life. The riffs are written ready to use but are great as spring boards or starting blocks. Move the notes around, lengthen them, shorten them, change the pitch until you get the perfect riff for your track. We’ve included wav parts too for inspiration and for you to use as ready to go parts. All sounds used in the demo track are included as wav loops.

This pack contains 138 Midi files and 42 24bit wav loops totalling 139.10 Mb. All the files are labeled with their key so these composition ingredients are efficient for your workflow.


  • 24 bit Quality
  • 139Mb
  • 138 MIDI Loops
  • 42 Wav Loops
  • 66 Bassline MIDI Loops
  • 20 Bassline Wav Loops
  • 11 Chord MIDI Loops
  • 10 Chord Wav Loops
  • 25 Drum Wav Loops
  • 3 Drum MIDI Loops
  • 36 Riff Wav Loops
  • 9 Riff MIDI Loops