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Trap Vs Dubstep

Trap Vs Dubstep

Trap Vs Dubstep


Now, i like Dubstep and i like Trap, but which one is better? Only one way to find out.... FIGHT!!!

Well in the interest of safety there will be no fighting but instead more of a joining of forces into a brutal pack of Dubstep inspired Trap that any fans of either genre will enjoy. All the uncompromising force of tear-out Dubstep with the earth shaking 808s and high leads of Trap. With an army of bass oneshots and synth hits at your disposal, you will be able to create absolute monsters with ease to terrorise both your local neighbourhood and dance-floor alike. A folder of NI Massive presets has been included for those looking to expand even further on the sounds and add extra angles to the genres.

This is an extensive pack for the serious producer looking to do some damage. As always Rankin Audio offers only the most usable sounds and loops to leave you maximum room for creativity and style. Once you hit that demo, you understand the true power of the pack.


738Mb - 24bit Wav

  • 54 Bass Oneshots
  • 14 Basslines
  • 14 Drum Fills
  • 17 Drum Loops
  • 54 Drum Hits
  • 57 FX
  • 21 NI Massive Presets
  • 18 Pads
  • 13 Perc Loops
  • 47 Synth Riffs
  • 69 Synth hits
  • 23 Vinyl FX
  • 26 Vox Loops
  • 14 Vox Oneshots