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Future House Vocals 4

Future House Vocals 4

Future House Vocals 4



Welcome to "Future House Vocals" brought to you by Soul Rush Records run by Tigerlight.

This pack of quirky catchy vocal hooks is perfect if you’re looking for a ready written, recorded and well sung vocal hook for the intros and breakdown of your dance floor tracks and/ or to be used as the main hook of your tune. You can also chop up this fresh audio to create your own vocal riffs and rhythms. This pack aims to fill the gap of interesting and different vocal hooks with the highest possible quality and usability.

53 royalty free hooks, sung and written by three professional vocalists. These hooks and adlibs will take your tracks to the next level of song composition and musicality. The vocalists’ unique samples have been recorded at three bpms: 124, 128 and 132 in three keys. Whether you are looking for little phrases to pitch up or down, chop up and effect or longer verses to give your production a full on vocal vibe then there is something in the pack for you.

The singers’ credits include:
 Writing and singing chart hits, worldwide radio airplay, writing songs for film soundtracks, backing vocalists and tours with major artists. Hit play on the demo and hear for yourself!


Please Note: This pack contains Vocals only, other sounds in the Demo are for illustration only

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 145MB
  • Featuring Two Female and One Male Vocalists
  • All Unique Vocal Hooks
  • 124, 128 & 132BPM
  • 53 Wav files
  • All Individual Phrases provided Dry
  • Keys Amin, Cmin, Fmin & Gmin