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Dark Cinematic Orchestra Kits

Dark Cinematic Orchestra Kits

Dark Cinematic Orchestra Kits


Somewhere across middle earth, a storm is brewing. A kraken from the deep rears it's terrifying head. A monster of gargantuan proportion lays waste to a city. That guy Sean Bean plays in Game Of Thrones threatens the onset of winter before getting his head chopped off (sorry about the spoiler)!

Something serious is about to happen and Rankin Audio is here to help you create the soundtrack. Dark Cinematic Orchestra Kits is an incredible collection of tools for you to weave moody and atmospheric building soundscapes into your tracks. Wether you're making a brutal Trap monster, a hard, Neuro DNB destroyer or even soundtracking a dark moving picture this pack can work the magic and get the results.

Featuring a collection of 10 drum kits, each with a full mix and then individual parts in both loop and one shot form. Crunching powerful drum hits and foley elements create drama and explosive energy that can breath a fresh life into a piece like nothing else. Then a series of 5 songs scored with exceptional musicality are laid out in stem form. Beautiful rich string parts layered against haunting choirs and demanding horns. Each song is combined with midi files of all instrumentation to give you maximum flexibility in expanding on the ideas and sewing them into your own rich tapestry of cinematic darkness.

This is a pack like no other and we here at Rankin Audio are extremely excited to hear the results of what you can with it.


  • 2.86GB of 24bit-Wavs
  • 10 Drum Kits - Full mixes broken into stems and one shots
    116 total loops
    119 One shot hits
  • 5 Songs - Full stems and midi for all parts
    73 Stems
    56 Midi files